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What's Up Dog by Von Herder Haus Kennels, Inc.

about us

Von Herder Haus Kennels is known for its world class breeding program of West German Show Line German Shepherd Dogs.  Our dogs are bred selectively for puppies that are quick to learn, ready to please.  We breed for temperament above all else.  Our dogs are from show lines, but they are also working dogs.  Our dogs are themselves engaged in work, and you will see that their pedigrees are full of top rated working dogs with Schutzhund and IPO working titles alongside their incredible show titles.  We are also a top breeder of working Dutch Shepherds.  Our lines are out of top KNPV, French Ring, and IPO sport dogs.  Our "Dutchies" are limited in their outside breeding influence, by design.  We have tried to keep our Dutch lines as pure and close to breed standard as possible.  The Dutch Shepherd is a hard working, fiercely loving, incredibly loyal dog with a fantastic brindled coat.  This is a dog with more drive than a typical German Shepherd Dog - it is suitable for an active household that includes their dogs as part of the family, or participates in one of the many sports for dogs.  It is not a backyard watch dog.

We raise our puppies in our kennel with full exposure to our training center starting at just 6 weeks.  The puppies do noise and surface acclimation drills, water acclimation, socialization with other dogs, as well as imprinting for obedience.  We explore each puppy's natural drives and work to build according to what the buyer wants in their eventual adult dog.  When you train puppies up the right way, you will not have to worry about many issues that people face with their dogs.  Pedigree is the foundation, but you must work with what is actually produced.  We breed freely, not forced.  We believe in pairing dogs that will give us progeny that meet breed standards - for temperament, workability, and for looks.  In doing so, we are able to produce dogs that have Character, Loyalty, Beauty.  If you are interested in one of our puppies or adult dogs, contact us.  We would love to talk to you about your plans for the dog, and options we have available.  We will pair you with a dog that is willing to work and wanting to love!



Von Herder Haus Kennels is more than just a top breeder.  We are also the parent company to 3 distinct divisions operated within the same facility.  We are a diversified, dog-centric company.  We bring together our professional training, handling skills to offer our clients a wide variety of services.  Learn more by clicking below.

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Training - Boarding - supplies
Service dog training and sales

Our comprehensive training facility welcomes all breeds.  It has full boarding available, allowing us to train your dog while it stays with us - or along with you in private training sessions.  We also have a retail outlet for all of your food, nutrition, gear, and training equipment needs.  From jumping up or leash pulling to aggression and behavior modification, we can help.  We also do puppy imprinting for a confident dog.  Our Service Dog Program serves to train dogs for PTSD, MST, Mobility Assist, Autism Support, and Diabetes Alert.

Executive Level protection /
law enforcement detector dogs

Whether you are looking for a traveling companion for security, or a dog that watches over your family and property, Armored K9 should be your first choice.  We offer fully trained dogs that you can trust.  Whether from our breeding program, or a European import, we can meet your needs.  Character.  Loyalty.  Dependability.  We train Law Enforcement Narcotics Detectors for your department - we also offer a complete handler's course and local certification.

Home & business
narcotics detection

Using highly trained Narcotics Detection Dogs, we can sweep your home for commonly used street drugs.  Many teenagers engage in trying new things, or being asked to hold something for someone.  Our service can be a great deterrent to keep undesirable influences away from your home.  Our business service is non-invasive and is a thorough sweep of your building, vehicles without intruding on your employees.  Your customers will love seeing that your business is Certified Drug Free.





We want to hear from you.  Give us the information we need to have the right person get back in touch with you.  You can inquire about any of our services right here.  We typically respond to emails within 48 hours.

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