Supplements... Huh?

Why does your dog need supplements even if it eats really expensive holistic, dry kibble or even a raw diet? Actually, there are several reasons; even more if you are feeding grains.

Even the best kibbles struggle with probiotic enhancement. The problem is that they often start with live bacteria, but then they kill it - rendering it useless. Some thoughtful manufacturers even spray on probiotics at the final stages before bagging it - but since they don't spray on a micro-encapsulated bacteria there is nothing to keep it alive and it dies sitting on the shelf.

Probiotics are best served alive. Check out your favorite yogurt and you will find it says "live and active cultures". It has to have live cultures in order to say that. You need those same live cultures inside your dog to do any good. If you are feeding raw diets or home cooked diets, you are most likely also lacking this key ingredient for a healthy gut. Sure there are foods that raw feeders use like fresh green tripe to help balance gut, but it isn't always available and it smells horrid.

We need probiotics and prebiotics to balance our systems primarily to fight yeast. Yeast can grow at an alarming rate inside our bodies and our best friend's bodies. Even something as sensible as taking necessary antibiotics kills good bacteria and can weaken the system, so we must battle against it to keep thing working properly.

We suggest and use 2 very simple products in every feeding for every dog all the time - DOGZYME'S Probiotic Max and DOGZYME'S Ultimate (vitamin, mineral blend with algal oil and coconut oil - balanced Omega 3-6-9). The body is able to absorb the nutrients properly resulting in coats that shine, eyes that are clear, tummies that are ready for nearly anything - even the errant odd food scrap that might normally cause a little upset.

We know this is works and the proof lies in the performance and the beauty of our dogs. We work hard to maintain both, and our supplement regimine sure makes it easier. Keeping a healthy dog is far easier than fixing a sick one - and I firmly believe that dog health STARTS IN THE GUT!

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